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Monday, February 11, 2019

UNILAG Hostel Registration Requirements and Procedures.

1. Seven passports
2. Photocopy of school ID card or bio-data form..
3. WAPIC receipt..
4. Lag mobile receipt
5. Accommodation receipt of payment

6.Parents passport
7.Accommodation confirmation print out..

How to go about them..
2. You are a fresher..
They have not given you the school ID card so make a photocopy of your bio-data.

Your bio-data is on your student log in
Fill it and print it out if you haven't done so.
Number 3
It is 500 naira for insurance..
You can pay for the WAPIC @ access bank in the is 500 naira for insurance.
Go to access bank in the is easily done there..
After payment.. go to the DSA's office with the bank teller
His office is beside moremi hall..
Opposite GTBank

You will pay at access bank and take the bank teller to DSA to collect the original receipt..👌
Number 4👇
Lag mobile
If u didn't pay durning faculty registrations... go to the DSA's office with your 700 naira..
After payment the receipt will be given to u..
The same location

Accommodation receipt..
Log on to the student portal
Click on students
Click on payment portal
By the right hand side.
Click on get receipts..

Then type in your RRR code.
The receipt will download after den
And finally number 7👇
To print the confirmation slip..

Click on confirm payment..
The slip will immediately download..

Boom! that is it

If you have any question feel free to make use of the comment box below