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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How to get Unlimited Data-Packs on Express WiFi

by Samuel Akintoye


Recently, Facebook launched its data plan called Express WiFi.  This plan is known for its cheap and lasting data packs.  As a result of that the internet has been receiving a wide range of visitors from different countries. Because Express WiFi gives them the opportunity to surf the internet using cheap data packs.

Be that as it may, when Express Wifi came to Nigeria, Nigerians were given the opportunity to register and get 100mb bonus every day for 14 days. Subsequently, the bonus'es validity reduced to 4 days and eventually to 3 days. That is not really appalling, because to buy data packs is kinda difficult and strenuous.

Moreover, to worsen the matter, express wifi no longer allows Nigerians to earn data packs by inviting friends to register.

But the good news is, I am gonna be teaching you guys how to invite as many friends as possible to earn 300mb bonus on each friend invited.

Having gone through a thorough research, I was able to bring back the "invite friends to earn". So I'm gonna teach you guys how to bring out the invite friends link and then how to get unlimited numbers without much stress.

What you'd need

You would need two phones to perform this trick, if you are smart you might even make do with one phone, and if you have access to a pc you can as well make use of it (pretty much easier).

Let's get on to business.

  • Connect to your nearest express wifi with a phone
  • and then sign in/up with your number. It doesn't matter if you have exhausted your free bundle
  • Then go to the address bar and add the following without quote to the back of the link on the address bar "customer/refer/sms/?ref=refer_friend_link_to_refer_friend_sms"

  • Thereafter you would be taken to the referrer page as seen above
  • Enter the number you wanna invite and click next.
  • Now to get unlimited numbers within a short range, hop on to the other phone and google "receive sms online" and click on any website to choose as many numbers as you want. See the screenshot below

  • After you have chosen your preferred number, input the number to the invite box and click next
  • an invitation link would be sent to the number, go back to the site to see the link, copy and paste the link to another tab and register the number you picked.
  • instantly you would be given 300mb on both numbers
  • do that as many times as you want to get unlimited data packs.
  • See my screenshots below


This method also applies to any other country where express wifi is run

You can as well make use of the data packs on the invited numbers, cause the numbers also receive same 300mb each.

That is it. Try it and thank me later. If you have any complaint, feel free to use the comment section below.

Enjoy it while it lasts