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Monday, January 7, 2019

How old were you when you realized...

Written by Samuel Akintoye

Today, I was at my uncle's house, and then, the housemaid there was asking my niece if she had wash her pants meaning her undies, which is literally called panties.

Then I began to wonder how these errors which are commonly used in many Nigerian communities came about. Could it be that, it's as a result of the fact that many Nigerians particularly our fathers and forefathers during colonial era had difficulties in understanding the white people accents.

Perhaps, it is due to the wrong teaching that we were and are still exposed to in schools, especially at the Nursery level, where a half-literate teacher would tell you that the word "fork" is pronounced as /fek/ that the word "but" is /bet/ and many more.

Be that as it may, we might have truly been exposed to wrong pronunciations while we were acquiring the English Language. That been said, How ridiculous is it then when you still hear a university graduate still shouting "Mide go and buy me '/sachet/ water' which is pronounced as
 /ˈsæʃ.eɪ/ and not /satʃet/.

However, on account of my visit to my uncle's, I got inspired to compile basic things in which I believe every Nigerian in this 21st century should know. Below are some of them with pictures.

1. Do you know that the word in the picture below is pronounced as /ri:sit/ without 'p'

2. Do you also know that the word "pant" actually means a trouser and that which is where under a trouser is called undies/panties



3. How old were you when you realized that the brand/company name below is actually O-and-O (Oando)

4. Do you also know that there's an '8' in the middle of an 8 diamond card?

5. I still wonder why some Nigerians still refer to all seasoning cubes  as "maggi" when maggi is actually a brand name.

6. For God'sake 'Close Up' is a brand name and not a general name for all toothpaste.

By and large, there are several of these words that we make mistakes about. Time and space however would not permit me to mention them all. But I hope I have enlightened you in one way or another.

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